Is it time for Seattle to decriminalize shrooms and psychedelics?

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legal drugs uk. Washington state led on legalizing marijuana. Plant-derived psychedelics could be next.

Tatiana Luz first ingested mushrooms containing psilocybin in 2018. It was life-changing.

“I feel like I’ve lived a pretty normal life. I’m a pretty resilient person,” she says. “But when it came to the residuals of trauma, I never knew how much it was affecting me until I had my first psychedelic experience.” legal drugs uk

As a child in northern New Jersey, Luz experienced domestic violence over a number of years. She never got to know her father, who, she says, was a casualty of the war on drugs. As an adult, she was barely aware of how these childhood experiences had shaped her, making it hard to trust people or initiate meaningful relationships. Psilocybin changed that. “It really awakened me to the constructs that my body and my mind had created to protect me, the things I had to learn to do to survive that emotionally,” she says.

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Now, Luz wants to make this kind of awakening accessible to more people. She helps to lead a group called Decriminalize Nature Seattle, which hopes to forge a path to legalizing psychedelic drugs in Washington state. (The group is part of a national network and is unrelated to the police divestment group Decriminalize Seattle.) The group’s first step? Passing a resolution through the Seattle City Council to make three plant-derived psychedelics, or entheogens — ayahuasca, psilocybin and ibogaine — the lowest priority for law enforcement.

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